Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blog Post #5 part B


My PLN changed throughout the semester thanks to blogger, communication, and collaboration. My PLN  is growing with every blog post I make, from learning more things about teaching, and from learning how to communicate with teachers, students, and others. I think my PLN is growing with every EDM310 class. PLN teaches me how to work with a group and help each other to do the project. I discovered many websites and tools that I did not know about before that I can use in my future classroom.   

C4T # 4

I was assigned the teacher Tina Barseghian. In the first blog post," Some Straggles Teachers Face Using Games",she wrote about how it is good  use games as a part of instruction. In some schools, it is accepted and encouraged, but some schools do not use the game.

The second blog post was "What Can Programmer And Writers Learn From One Another?".In this blog post, she wrote about a famous programmer, Donald Knuth, who championed the idea of the "Literate Programmer" and the idea that code should be writing for humans, not just machines. In fact, programmer "elegance" should be central in the teaching of programming language.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Blog post #14

In the Article by Joel Klein, he wrote about some problems in the education system:
-The academic training for teachers is good.
-Teacher are rewarded based on seniority not merit.
-What makes good teachers?

I agree with what he says about how training should make sure the teacher has enough knowledge to teach. I do not think that just smart people or anyone with higher education can teach. To be professional teacher you should know how to  make the student love what they are learning and to look forward to what they are learning next; this makes a professional teacher. I see Dr. Strange as a professional teacher. I am a student whose second language is English and the class, EDM310 , is very difficult for me. But, Dr.Strange and the lab assistants showed me a way to help me understand the class and because of their help I have learned a lot.
I think the teacher should be rewarded based on how long she has taught, but I also think that after more than five years in a row, teachers should take a year off. I think when teachers teach
for too many years they can feel tired and they don't teach as well.

What makes good teachers?
The answer is that we can not know if a teacher is effective unless we observe them. To see if a student has an increased grade over the year.We should see how the teacher teaches in classroom and ask the principle to observe the teachers work and get the opinions of the students and others teachers.

C4K Post for November

The first student is Sydney, she wrote about who are citizens and who are the digital citizens. I commented
"Hi Sydney,I enjoyed reading your blog.I like your deep thinking about how the citizen."

The second student  is Jami. She created two designs for two of her pictures on her blog. I commented".Hi Jami, I like the different between your picture design in your blog, and how you drew on your face and costume.

The last student is Brynn. He wrote about end of the 1st quarter and how he love volleyball season. I commented "Hi Brynn, I enjoyed when I read your Blog post it is great.Keep up the good work."


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blog post # 13


How we can use project based learning in science?

1- Watch the video: Exploring Science: Working Scientifically -- embedding formative assessment
2- Watch the video: Plant PBL - Kindergarten Science Project
3- Answer the question in a post that adheres to the standards found in the ACCRS and in Writing A 
Quality Blog Post.

In the video Exploring Science: Working Scientifically -- embedding formative assessment we see Dr. Angela Hall explain the importance of formative assessment and how schools can use it to support and enhance their learners' experience of science, and some examples of how it can be incorporated in Pearson's Exploring science. The Pearson exploring science is a great way to teach science.

In the video Plant PBL - Kindergarten Science Project we see that the teacher made a circle map illustrating every thing we know about planting flowers. They developed a driving question to guide their learning .They developed the guide to help us determine what flower to plant.They observed their plants every couple of days and wrote down their observations. Based on growth and appearance they chose Vinca to plant in the front circle. They ended with their real world application piece and planted flowers. Parents were asked to come and help as a part of their public audience piece. This  project shows how important project based learning is.